The solid trash removal las vegas generated by properties for residential and legal use, both public and private, is one of the main tasks that JunkMan develops in the jurisdictions that its workers visit daily. It moves tons of common waste and different materials such as paper, cardboard, food, plastic, glass, and other urban waste, which due to their characteristics, require removal to their final destination.
It ensures the cleanliness of streets, avenues, boulevards, squares, islands, and sidewalks in the municipalities where it is present. For this, we have a human talent committed to junk removal Las Vegas, thus achieving environmental sanitation and equipped with the best tools to guarantee this task.
In the same way, it carries out the washing of public areas through low and high-pressure washing, the collection of dog droppings, the removal of urban solid waste and the transfer of this waste to its final destination. These actions are carried out with the conviction of contributing to citizens’ quality of life, being builders of a clean city in harmony with the environment.

A telephone service team is at your disposal

The trash removal of Las Vegas waste is one of the tasks it carries out upon request and coordination with the authorities of the clients that contract its services. This task includes the removal and transfer of debris, plant waste such as trunks and branches, industrial material, junk, and scrap, remains of small animals, and the transport of chemical or biological substances that can cause damage to health, property, or the environment, among others.
Through a telephone number, they make available to users a telephone service team that provides all the necessary information to manage, before the corresponding entities, the special days for the collection of extraordinary waste.

A modern and innovative waste management

It is an organization specialized in trash hauling Las Vegas, currently made up of a team of multidisciplinary professionals specialized in environmental sanitation, willing to provide urban cleaning services, manual sweeping, washing public areas, collection, and transfer of solid, urban waste, and domiciliary, in different places of the city of Las Vegas. It is the city’s most modern and innovative waste management company; it uses the latest technologies to improve and protect the environment.