Crocheting has existed for centuries and it has stayed well-liked to the working day. It is a artistic pastime containing the opportunity to create rest and a sense of achievement. At Crafting Happiness, we be aware of the joys of crocheting and also have curated a collection of diversified crochet kits to fit any level of skill. With this article, we’ll discover some of our crochet kits and why they are great for anyone planning to learn or develop their crocheting expertise.

The Amigurumi Selection

Amigurumi will be the Japanese craft of crocheting tiny jammed wildlife or critters. Our amigurumi selection consists of a multitude of packages, every single using their special directions and components. These kits are perfect for first-timers or those seeking a fast task to accomplish. Our amigurumi products have detailed guidelines concerning how to crochet each piece and how to put together the animal once complete. This site offers anything from cute pet cats to precious puppies, as well as mythical critters like dragons!

The Pom-Pom Series

Pom-poms include a enjoyable and fun component to your crocheting undertaking. Our pom-pom selection systems come with all the supplies necessary to make numerous types of pom-pom decorations for caps, scarves, as well as other crocheted goods. The pom-pom manufacturers a part of these packages are simple to use and are avalable in numerous styles to generate pom-poms of different styles. Each and every kit comes with recommendations concerning how to affix the pom-poms to your crocheted goods in a range of techniques.

The Beginner’s Series

If you’re a new comer to crocheting, starting with a package that accommodates novices is an excellent way to get began. Our beginner’s selection includes products that offer a easy introduction to crocheting. These packages include all of the resources you’ll will need, through the yarn for the styles, and come with straightforward instructions to help you through every move. They are also inexpensive, which makes them an incredible selection for those wanting to consider crocheting without breaking the bank.

The Blanket Assortment

Crocheted comforters make outstanding gifts and may be treasured for a long time. Our quilt series contains a number of exclusive and exquisite quilt packages to suit variations and skill sets. From simple Afghan blankets to a lot more intricate styles, like Tunisian crochet covers, these kits have all that you should be successful. Directions are included to guide you through every single stitch, and the components are high quality, making certain your concluded cover is of excellent quality.

The Sophisticated Series

For additional experienced crocheters, our superior collection contains products that require more ability and determination to finish. These products range from complex lace shawls to stunning sweaters. They’re excellent for those trying to obstacle themselves and take their crocheting skills to the next level. Our advanced packages come with obvious and comprehensive instructions and the best materials needed to generate spectacular crocheted sections.


At Designing Satisfaction, there exists a crochet system for all, regardless of whether you’re a newbie or perhaps seasoned crocheter. We take great pride in providing a diverse assortment of crochet kits that focus on various skill levels and styles. With very clear instructions and high-good quality components, our systems are perfect for anyone trying to experience the happiness of crocheting. Why then not give it a try today? Take a look at our collection and discover a new pastime that could enable you to get rest and imagination!