A 1031 Exchange is really a financial transaction which allows a trader to defer capital results income taxes on the purchase of your expense house by reinvesting the earnings from the selling into a comparable property. The 1031 Exchange will get its brand from IRS Portion 1031, which lays out your rules and regulations for most of these deals.

To perform a 1031 Exchange Timelines and Rules, a number of important actions needs to be followed. First, the property that is certainly being sold has to be properly determined. The taxpayer has 45 times in the time of your purchase to determine approximately three possible substitute properties. The taxpayer must then purchase one of those particular components within 180 events of the selling of the original home.

If performed correctly, a 1031 Exchange could be a potent resource for brokers trying to defer funds results taxes and boost their portfolios. Nonetheless, it’s worth noting that many policies must be put into practice to the exchange to become good.

1031 Exchange Policies

To perform a 1031 Exchange, numerous essential methods needs to be followed. Initial, your property that may be offered has to be properly recognized. The taxpayer has 45 times from your day in the transaction to identify approximately three potential replacing properties. The tax payer must then purchase some of those components within 180 events of the selling of the initial residence.

If done efficiently, a 1031 Exchange could be a potent instrument for brokers planning to defer funds results taxes and boost their portfolios. Even so, it’s important to note that a number of regulations has to be followed for your swap to become legitimate.

Among the most essential rules include:

The traded attributes has to be “like-type.” Consequently they have to be expense or enterprise-use qualities kept for successful utilization in industry or enterprise or expenditure uses. Personal-use home like your primary property fails to meet the criteria.

Equally components has to be situated in the United States

You cannot receive any income or any other kind of “boot” in your trade. All cash in the sale of your own unique property must be used to buy your replacement property

These are typically just some of the countless policies that affect 1031 Exchanges. For more information on how you can finish a 1031 Exchange, you should contact our office today.


A 1031 Exchange can be a terrific way to defer investment capital gains taxes and grow your expense profile. However, it’s worth noting that several rules and regulations relate to most of these dealings. Make sure to meet with a qualified tax skilled before finishing a 1031 Exchange to ensure that you conform to all applicable regulations.